The last couple of years have presented some of the hardest challenges that our community has had to face, and now with the devastation of the floods compounding matters it doesn’t feel like there is a reprieve.

We want to make sure that our friends of Sourdough and the wider community, are safe and well and doing their best in these uncertain times and to make sure that you are reaching out to friends, neighbours and loved ones as often as you can. It is never easy to ask for help but it is so important to connect and have a sense of safety.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  Many of our team are also managing difficult circumstances in their homes, as well as at the Sourdough Innovation Hub, so please be patient with us if we don’t respond immediately.

From Tweed to Lismore, from startups to existing businesses wanting to expand, we are here to help inspire, support and empower your business journey.

Sourdough is a not-for-profit organisation supporting businesses in the region to start up, skill up and scale up through our startup programs, business skills workshops, mentoring and business women’s pathways.

Sourdough was founded over ten years ago by a small group of volunteers that wanted to protect existing jobs and create new jobs in the region utilising the skills and wisdom of experienced business people to inspire a sustainable, purposeful, generous and diverse community.

Our Purpose

Through a dynamic community of business activity, programs and knowledge we aim to help transform the region and generate jobs by comprehensively supporting the startup and small business sectors.

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Get a mentor

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We feel quite privileged to be part of such a great network of conscientious, forward-thinking professionals.

Simon Baker

As a startup business it's always a struggle to know what to prioritise when you're doing something for the first time. My mentor helped me navigate some tough waters during 2017 and helped me take steps forward in my business. It was a massive support knowing I could call on someone with experience

Verity Joy Wilson

To have access to such clever business minds as are available through the Sourdough mentor program has been a business game changer for us. In 6 months we have doubled our revenue, created significant additional employment positions and solidified our business practices to ensure a best practice model.

Karina McKey

This is a very valuable service that enabled me to complete a project much faster and better quality with the advice from my mentor.

Linda Molloy

SBP has helped my business expand in the region and connect me into like minded business groups. These connections have led to some great collaborative experiences and increased my staff and business turn over. SBP has also helped me understand the process of giving back to the community and am actively doing the same.

Will Gammon

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