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Emerging Trends & Opportunities – MentoringLive Q&A Series

By Aug 12,2020 August 13th, 2020 No Comments

                      Watch replay here

Emerging Trends & Opportunities

The Sourdough MentoringLive Q&A Series is where you get a chance to ask questions of our experienced Sourdough Mentors in an interactive online session, as well as hear about and connect with other local businesses from our community.

Following what we might be able to label the first phase of the depths of the COVID-19 pandemic and downturn, this Session will be focused on providing helpful insight and guidance on what might be some trends and opportunities that have started to emerge as we transition back to a new normal .

This Session will focus on providing insights and answering your questions on ‘Emerging trends and opportunities’ which might include questions around

  • your particular industry and whether you think the market opportunity is still viable,
  • if there are adjacent industries to yours that are doing well and could be useful to consider pivoting to,
  • or what current trends are telling us about what future customer needs or behaviour might look like.

The Sourdough Mentor Monthly Online Q&A Series is where you get a chance to ask questions of our experienced Sourdough Mentors in an interactive online session, as well as hear about and connect with other local businesses from our community.

Mentors joining us for this session are

  • Dr James Cowley,
  • Margot Cairns,
  • Lisa Kylie-Laing and
  • Jason Hardie.

Dr James Cowley – Sourdough Business Pathways Co-Founder & Mentor, Business owner/innovator/entrepreneur/strategist/consumer researcher

Over most of James’ working life he has set up from scratch businesses related to the commercialisation of knowledge. This has cut across Business, Health, Education, Corporate and Government fields. They have been both successful and profitably sustainable organisations with strong teams. Some of the organisations are now over 30+ years old and some over 20+ years old. They have been privileged to advise the most senior levels of Governments and Corporations and be part of projects, crises, changes which have impacted whole populations.

Margot Cairns

Margot is passionate about helping people capitalise on rapid complex change. As change becomes more complex, faster and more ambiguous, the techniques Margot has developed and used with world leaders for decades are more vital. They are based on the compelling connection between a leader’s personal inner journey, their ability to drive levels of corporate success, and their ability to profoundly influence the wellbeing of their wider communities.

Margot’s social technology and thinking is embedded in 6 books (2 being business best sellers) and numerous articles and speeches, shared with global audiences. Margot is now delighted to have implanted her social technology into 12 SFB, a proven programme for personal team and organisational transformation that leverages technology to maximise impact while minimising cost.

Lisa Kylie-Laing

A successful entrepreneur for more than a decade, Lisa mixes practical business strategy with uncommon insights, and delivers this in an engaging and charismatic story. She has built and sold 2 successful multi-million-dollar brands, winning prestigious Telstra Business Awards, and is now a self-confessed nerd about automation and systemization.

Jason Hardie

Jason Hardie is the Founder and CEO of Digital Village. For the last 10 years, Jason has been helping business owners navigate the jungle of technology by providing advice on technology selection, systems integration and digital product development. His passions include business, technology and people. Business because it is one of the most effective ways to create change, technology because almost anything is possible and people because, even though we’re crazy, it’s who we are.

This is a community workshop so no need to be a registered active mentee to participate.

This will be an online session via Zoom.

To help us all to help you, you will have the ability to share a little about your business when you register below, as well as pre-register any questions you may have for the Mentors in this Session.

Session structure:

  • Mentor introductions & Insights sharing
  • Breakout rooms: Mentees have the opportunity to share a brief overview of their business and ask questions of Mentors
  • Conclude.


The link for the Zoom Session will be sent to you upon registering your attendance on Eventbrite.

Sourdough Business Pathways’ purpose is to support you in business with our network of experienced Mentors, and we’ve been providing one-on-one Mentoring to our Northern Rivers business community for over 10 years. For more information on upcoming events and how to register for one-on-one mentoring, please see more here.

4.00 – 5:30pm

Ticket Pricing:

I can help cover costs – $10

Cash flow is tight right now – $0