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Sourdough Business Pathways is very proud of our Asset Group. It is a community of very skilled and experienced business people who are generously committed to sharing their capabilities to help build and create jobs in the Northern Rivers region. They understand the benefits of giving their skills back to the greater community and are willing to share with those who will get value from their input.
To talk to us about how we can use our Asset Group to meet your business goals please visit the “Contact” tab.
The Asset Group is a combination of the Sourdough Group ‘hidden assets’ and the Sourdough Business Pathways contacts and associates forming a powerful and effective community of resources that are at the disposal of the regional business community.
Sourdough Business Pathways role is to connect the Asset Group and those individuals and businesses who can use their skills. The Asset Group contribute their skills and experience to help us provide our key services:
/ Mentoring
/ Project support
/ Education

We would like to make this invaluable resource available to assist you to achieve your business goals.
The Asset Group is here to help you achieve your business goals such as:
/ Grow your revenue and profit
/ Make your business sustainable
/ Ensure the continuation of your business
/ Improve your business performance
/ Make your business idea a reality
/ Take your business online
/ Grow your business into other markets
/ Move your business into the Northern Rivers region
To talk to us about how we can use our Asset Group to meet your business goals please visit the “Become part of the Asset Group” tab.

The Sourdough Group is a Northern Rivers based association of business executives and an extended community of volunteers engaged in philanthropic work to contribute to the growth of the economy and jobs in the region.
They are committed to protecting the future of our region environmentally, socially and culturally. They realise that the key to achieving this is by generating more jobs that will enable us to maintain the things that make this region special.
The Sourdough Group facilitates job generation by assisting others sustain and grow their business or create new business opportunities. They do not run anything themselves but rather get behind local leaders, innovators, ideas and businesses, to help them become more successful.

The Sourdough Group is continually looking for people with vision and passion for great ideas that will create more jobs in the region. They look for big ideas that fit with the skills of the group and that will have a significant economic impact on the region.

We are always looking to grow our Asset Group to enable us to provide more specialised skills and experience to assist the regional business community.
If you have skills and experience that can help local businesses and would like to give back some of your capabilities to benefit others – then we would love to have you join our Asset Group. The main question people usually ask when joining with us is, “How much time will this take?” The answer to this question is “as much or as little as you have to give”. Some members of our Asset Group are heavily involved in mentoring a number of businesses and contributing to a range of different projects – they have the time and get great satisfaction from being able to help at this level. On the other end of the spectrum, others are only available for short meetings or phone calls that relate to their specialised areas of knowledge and experience. Your contribution is up to you.

What’s in it for you? You get to:
/ Give back your valuable skills and experience
/ Be part of our vibrant community of experts
/ Network with a lot of well connected and capable business people in the region
/ Attend our regular events
/ Help sustain the economy of our wonderful Northern Rivers region
We would love you to join us, please fill out the form below.

Meet some members of our Asset Group

Strategic communication consultant, anti-marketer and business rebel. She is an author, educator, current President of the IABC Queensland and executive consultant to the upcoming Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast.

Dana Burrows

Digital special effects artist/legend, owner of Cumulus VFX visual effects studio based in Bangalow, highly committed to building a creative digital media industry in our region. Shaping up to work on a swag of new Marvel movies over the next few years.

Will Gammon

Semi-retired business consultant & communication trainer; specialised in the development of websites, Internet marketing, financial & operational control systems, creating and selling of businesses in misc industries, conflict resolution and assertiveness training.

Ama Kalma

Award winning sculptor, ceramicist and photographer who exhibits throughout Australia and sells internationally. Based out of her studio/gallery in Byron she has a strong commitment to business and community growth.

Jules Hunt

Kate a Leadership and Vision Coach with over 25 years and 12,000 hours coaching experience.  She specialises in not only the knowing and doing of leadership, but also the being. She is the author of the book Go With Love- a memoir about love, loss and learning

Kate Ramsay

Ray specialises in sales and marketing cultivating premium quality Australian food and beverage brands across the country in the food service and independent supermarkets sector.

Ray Fien

Troy has 20 years’ experience buying, running and selling SME’s across a broad range of industries. He is an active Angel Investor, has a keen interest in start-ups and works as a Business Broker helping people buy and sell businesses in SE QLD and Northern NSW.

Troy Potter