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SBW Hub Byron Chapter – Foundations of Mindful Communication

By Sep 01,2021 August 31st, 2021 No Comments

Do you want to be more intentional and deepen your relationship to others at work and home?

Join us at our Byron Chapter hub to learn how to cultivate mindfulness into your communication with guest speaker Alexis Zahner of Management Mindfulness.

  • Communication underpins all relationships in our lives, using mindfulness we can deepen our connection to others through communication.
  • Mindfulness allows us to deeply understand how we’re communicating, so we can choose to be intentional and responsive rather than reactive.

About Speaker Alexi Zahner:

Alexis is in business to make business better for human beings. With experience spanning the world, Alexis is driven by the purpose of seeing business embrace a new way of being: a way that prioritises creating authentic, intentional and mindful organisations where all employees feel seen, valued and heard. She’s worn many hats, from corporate marketing and local government, she’s worked at National Australian media outlet Fairfax and held a Management role at global environmentally-sustainable retail brand Patagonia; it’s through experiencing the good, the bad and the ugly of Leadership and it’s effects, her passion to bring mindfulness into how we lead was born. Qualified with a Business Management & Entrepreneurship degree, Masters in Organisational Psychology and a Practitioners Certification in Mindfulness & Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. 

About SBW Hubs:

SBW Byron Chapter Hubs occur the first Wednesday of every month.  It’s an opportunity to come together as women in business in the Northern Rivers to learn, network, collaborate and be inspired.

This is an online event – details will be provided upon registration