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Entrepreneurship Facilitator Program

Helping people start and run small businesses

Workforce Australia is the employment service delivered by the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations. It includes a new online service and a network of providers to deliver personalised support; helping Australians find and keep a job, change jobs or create their own job.

Entrepreneurship Facilitators give practical support and advice to current and aspiring business owners in 23 regions around Australia. SBP will be the Entrepreneurship Facilitator for the Region of Richmond-Tweed providing workshops, mentoring, networking opportunities and one-to-one facilitator sessions across the Byron and Tweed regions and down as far as Lennox Head.

What Entrepreneurship Facilitators offer

Each Entrepreneurship Facilitator delivers a range of free services that are tailored to the region they are in. An Entrepreneurship Facilitator can provide you with:

    • one-on-one business advice for current or aspiring small business owners
    • workshops to help you learn about and consider self-employment
    • information sessions to help you improve your small business skills
    • linking and referring to other local programs and resources that will help your business be successful
    • encouraging small business activity in the local community by running functions and networking events.Who can access these servicesIf you have an interest in being self-employed or are currently a small business owner, you can access help from an Entrepreneurship Facilitator.

Richmond – Tweed Entrepreneurship Facilitators:

Davina Bambrick

Entrepreneurship Facilitator

Davina Bambrick is a leader with extensive retail and executive management experience and someone who has experienced rapid store expansion, mergers & acquisitions, brand development, start-ups development, advisory boards and the NFP sector.

Today, Davina combines her commercial experience with local start-ups and NFP’s and is involved as a Non-Executive Director for two organisations in these sectors. Davina is passionate about community enterprises and has used her experience to mentor emerging business founders and local businesses. She has also been organising and facilitating the Business Skills Workshops program for Sourdough Business Pathways as well as co-faciliatating the StartUp Northern Rivers Pre-Accelerator.

Alongside her experience in business, Davina is an accomplished freelance photographer and has been recognised in the 2019, 2020 & 2021 Australasian Top Emerging Photographer Awards for her Landscape & Travel images.

Fiona Sheridan

Entrepreneurship Facilitator

Fiona has over 25 years’ experience in Business Management, Business Development and Partner Management, along with extensive Board experience. She has successfully engaged with a wide variety of customers and partners, from start-ups and small to medium-sized business through to large corporations, government departments and educational institutions across Australia and New Zealand.

More recently, Fiona has shifted her focus from the corporate environment to that of startups and small to medium businesses. through the not-for-profit organisation Sourdough Business Pathways (SBP) with its mission of harnessing the region’s experience to educate, connect and resource local businesses.

Fiona also has a strong interest in supporting women in business having spent five years with Women in Technology (WiT), one of Queensland’s most respected and active technology industry associations, as a non-executive director, Chair of the ICT Chapter, and Vice President. She has gone on to be a co-founder and Advisory Panel member of Sourdough Business Women (SBW).

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Workforce Australia workshops will begin in August. To keep up to date, or for further information, email us at, or submit your name and email below:

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