Why engage a mentor?

Engaging with our mentors will give you the opportunity to access advice and guidance from people with vast experience and skills that will help you achieve your business goals:

  • Expand your vision and potential
  • Improve business performance
  • Leverage off their knowledge and contacts
  • Gain insight from their successes and failures
  • Reduce feelings of isolation
  • Reliable and experienced sounding board

Professional mentoring can help fast-track your business and improve your skills as a business leader. Contact us today so we can help you get the most from this positive and enriching experience.

Our mentoring programs vary from single conversations through to 3 month blocks, depending upon requirements.

As a mentee you will....

Provide an overview of your situation to help us determine your mentoring needs and identify the best business mentor for you to work with

Meet with a mentor to get clear on your business goals and map out a program to gather the right information and provide the right advice

Development of a ‘way forward’ program to help you achieve your business goals

Could a Sourdough Mentor benefit my business?

Click on the box below that best describes your situation.

1. Do you have a great business idea and want to develop it further?

Join the Sourdough Pre-Accelerator Program to help develop your business idea into a minimum viable product.  The Sourdough Pre-Accelerator Program has 2 intakes per year.

You can also work with organisations that provide a development path for your ideas such as:

2. Have you developed your business idea but need help to get your business started?

Join the Sourdough Pre-Accelerator Program to test and review your business idea and help your emerging business develop further.  The Sourdough Pre-Accelerator Program has 2 intakes per year.

There are also local and online resources that can provide you with information on how to do this, for example:

  • Build Grow Run: – click here
  • business.gov.au provides a wealth of information on planning and starting your business: – click here.
  • NSW Small Business – Start Your Business: click here.

Both of these websites provide information on setting up your business, accessing advisory services and applicable grants.

3. Is your business established and trading? Are you ready to:

  • grow my business to the next stage
  • take it global
  • innovate
  • pull out of a nose dive
  • develop a succession plan or exit strategy

The SBP Mentoring Program can help if your business is already established and trading and you are looking for mentoring guidance in:

  • Business strategy and planning
  • Sales and marketing strategies
  • Leadership skills development
  • Contract management
  • Project management
Click here to register for our SBP Mentoring program