The story behind the name.

We often get asked where the name ‘Sourdough’ comes from and yes it does actually involve bread! Ten years ago a small group of volunteers had a quest to protect existing jobs in the area as well as create new jobs. Founding members Pat Grier, Ian Oelrichs, Paul Jameson and James Cowely originated the concept with the vision of utilising the skills and wisdom of newly relocated business people along with local business knowledge and expertise.

Support to local businesses was initially through mentoring and business accelerators. The group met regularly at Harvest Bakery and much like the sourdough bread that was always baking in the background so too was the ‘Sourdough’ culture and vision they were creating for the business community.

Ten years on as the group has evolved into Sourdough Business Pathways with new members and volunteers, the primary vision of protecting and creating jobs for the future through the mentoring program, remains true.

We collaborate with the many and varied agencies, associations and businesses in our region to encourage economic sustainability and growth. We come from an authentic desire to use our skills and experience to help others succeed for the good of the region.