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New Online Monthly Q&A With Sourdough Mentors – May

By May 13,2020 May 8th, 2020 No Comments

Wednesday 13 May, 2020 at 4pm 

How to manage your business through uncertainty

Introducing our new Monthly Online Mentor Q&A Series where you get a chance to ask questions of our Sourdough Mentors in an interactive online session, as well as hear about and connect with other local businesses from our community.

Pertinent to our current climate, this Session will focus on answering your questions and providing guidance on ‘How To Manage Your Business Through Uncertainty’

This might include questions around

  • uncertainty in sales and forecasts,
  • how your customers have or are changing,
  • ability to hold onto your staff,
  • or how you should be thinking about spending your time most efficiently

It follows on from our recent online Sourdough Innovation Hub Panel Discussion on Strategies for Business Continuity and Resilience – the replay of this Panel Discussion is available here.

The Mentors joining us for this Session will be Sourdough Co-founder and highly experienced operator and strategist Dr James Cowley, consultant Adam Gordon, and Zach Rook, the Chief Operating Officer of Subpod, with more to come.

This will be an online session via Zoom. The link to register for the Zoom Session will be sent to you upon registering your attendance on Eventbrite. You will have the ability to pre-register your questions for this Session on registration, as well as ask questions during the Session.

Sourdough Business Pathways’ purpose is to support you in business with our network of experienced Mentors, and we’ve been providing one-on-one Mentoring to our Northern Rivers business community for over 10 years. For more information on upcoming events and how to register for one-on-one mentoring, please see more here.  

4.00 – 5:30pm

Ticket Pricing:
I can help cover costs – $10
Cash flow is tight right now – $0