Byron Film Studios

Project Details

Client: Byron Film Studios

Date: June 5, 2016

Online: byronfilmstudios.com.au

Byron Film Studios is a new project that proposes to become a productive regional media facility in the heart of one of Australia’s most idyllic shooting locations – the Northern Rivers region.
Offering an alternative facility to the major four studios in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and the Gold Coast, Byron Film Studios aims to attract both domestic and international productions: feature films in the budget range of $1-$20 million, television series, documentaries, short films, television commercials and other affiliated industry projects.

Byron Film Studios directors, Will Gammon and Stephen Van Mil initially approached Sourdough Business Pathways with their idea for a local film studio seeking support to develop a business strategy, engage the regional creative community and assist them to find funding for implementation. Working together with Will, Stephen and now Victoria Baldock, we have so far been able to provide guidance in the presentation of a highly successful information night that attracted over 100 people who were interestested in supporting the project. In addition to this we are working with the Byron Film Studios team to develop their synopsis in order to apply to the state government for funding for an independent feasability study.

Together we have also uncovered significant funding interest in both the private and government sectors. Currently we are working on developing a robust business case (pending the outcome of the feasibility study) and prospectus they will be able to take to market to secure funding. Sourdough Business Pathways is excited to be working with the Byron Film Studios team on such an exciting and timely project.

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