StartUp Pre-Acceleratore Program Outline - Commencing 15 September 2020

Session 1: Introduction, Mindset & Purposeful Business
Entrepreneurial Mindset
Doing business with purpose & within our planetary boundaries (the Circular Economy)

Guest Co-facilitator: Natalie Woods, The Corner Palm and Paradiso Magazine

Session 2: Design Thinking & Speed Mentor Session
Reframe the Problem / Point of View Analysis
Test your idea with experienced Mentors

Guest Co-facilitator: Todd Sotheren, Creation Theory

Session 3: Opportunity Product-Market Fit & Storytelling
Opportunity & market evaluation tools
Storytelling tools & pitch practice

Guest Co-facilitator: Maria Collyer, Growth Facilitator, Entrepreneurs’ Programme, Business Australia

Session 4: Value Proposition Design & Prototyping
Value Proposition Canvas
Rapid prototyping & feedback session

Guest Co-facilitator: Diego Trigo, Hello Again

Session 5: Competition, Feasibility & Viability
Competition & Advantage
Pricing models, building & assessing your Cash Flows, Viability

Guest Co-facilitator: Marc Sofer, Byron Ventures

Session 6: Mentor Coaching & Pitching Workshop
Mentoring session focused on testing & developing your business model
Learn how to develop your pitch deck & pitch

Guest Co-facilitator: Sam Refshauge, Sourdough Business Pathways

Session 7: Pitch Practice & Feedback
Practice pitching to your cohort
Improve your presentation, test problem-solution/product-market fit

Guest Co-facilitator: Sam Refshauge, Sourdough Business Pathways

Session 8: Pitch Night
Pitch in front of a judging panel & gain feedback ahead of Demo Night

Demo & Graduation Night
Have the opportunity to pitch in front of a judging panel & live community audience including investors, & startup & industry experts

Ongoing Mentoring & Support
Follow-up sessions to help support your ongoing growth pathway