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SBP is continually looking for large or small projects that will help increase jobs in our region. If you have a project idea that fits that description we would be very keen to talk with you. To give you an idea about how we select and manage projects, we believe will add value to our region, we have included below our ‘Project Drivers’ model.

We have developed four major drivers to help us and you to determine the viability of your project, how well it aligns with our purpose and vision, and the most effective processes we can apply to get your idea resourced and implemented.

As a starting point we will get you to develop a project overview. This is a one or two page document where you describe your project and explain how it will build jobs in our region. The SBP Advisory Group will review your project in relation to its alignment with our purpose and vision. What we are looking for are project ideas that create jobs and provide social benefit to our region. We are available to help you to develop your project overview if required. Some projects require input that may turn the concept on its head and give it more chance of success. We can provide the required level of input to do this.

Once we have agreed on the viability of your project the next driver is to engage with you to build a strong and robust business case. This includes things such as:

– Project synopsis
– Market research
– Feasibility study
– Marketing strategy
– Structure
– Financial analysis
– Legal requirements
– Implementation strategy
– Documentation

A sound business case is critical in order to achieve two basic things:
1. To prove your project is feasible and that a market exists for your product or service
2. To produce a document you can use to attract resources and or investors
SBP will appoint a mentor to work with you during the development of your business case and will draw on the expertise of our specialised asset group to ensure you present the best case possible. During this stage we will give you the opportunity to test your project business case by presenting to a small team of experts who willl provide you with feedback and ideas for improvement.

Once your business case is complete we will work with you to resource your project. Resourcing can include:

– Getting support from other people or organisations to make your project work
– Accessing more mentoring or support to get your project started
– Assiting you to access funds to implement your project

While SBP does not offer funding itself we can offer help to viable projects by connecting you with the right people. We can also connect you with other valuable resources to advance your project.

The last driver is designed to help you successfully stand your project up and make it work. Once you get to this point SBP will appoint a mentor plus other support to assist in the development and the rollout of your implementation strategy.
If you haven’t worked it out already our main aim is to help and support you in getting your project to succeed. We are always here to talk through your ideas and any questions or concerns you might have. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.