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SBW Monthly Hub: Conscious Business

By Apr 07,2021 April 7th, 2021 No Comments

Conscious Business: Helping you be more successful

People increasingly are looking to connect with businesses that go beyond the norm. Businesses that connect, care and collaborate. Sounds aspirational? Sounds like it is in the too hard basket?

March is B Corp Month in Australia and New Zealand, where B Corps are sharing the stories of business for a better world—how they’ve changed, what’s worked, and what they’ve learned.

Join Sonja Ceri in conversation with Margot Cairnes on Collaborating for Conscious Business.

In this session, Margot and Sonja will discuss:

  • how businesses can connect with consumers by redefining business success beyond the bottom line
  • how collaboration for and in conscious business can help consumers and other businesses reduce their impact on the planet and improve the resilience of their communities.
  • how global leaders and business people can utilise mindfulness, strategic competence, environmental sustainability and social conscience as a force for good.
  • examples and lessons from Sonja’s business on finding ways to do better by shaping a more inclusive and regenerative economy.

About Sonja Ceri:

Australian-based CMO Sonja Ceri has a reputation for smashing the glass ceiling and running a company with a name you won’t forget: Four Drunk Parrots.

Marketing strategist by day, mother of 2 under 3 at night.

Someone with an opinion, a big smile and a determination to use business as a force for good.

With a Masters in economics and a decade of agency experience, Sonja’s interests go beyond textbook marketing theory. Sonja calls herself a storyteller, because that’s easier than listing strategist, journalist, digital marketer, entrepreneur, mentor, workshop trainer, keynote speaker and opinionated mover & shaker.

Sonja’s passion for the environment and social impact has led to her business through B Corp  and Climate Neutral certification as well as being a member of 1% For the Planet.

About Margot Cairnes:

Margot Cairnes has been working globally with leaders in the area of conscious business for three decades. Margot works with people bringing alignment, heart, authenticity and strength in an ever changing world and will be navigating the conversation around running a conscious business in the Northern Rivers.

About SBW Hubs:

SBW Hubs occur the first Wednesday of every month.  It’s an opportunity to come together as women in business in the Northern Rivers to learn, network, collaborate and be inspired.

SBW Monthly Hub – Wed 7 April
4.45 – 6.30pm

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