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Startup Accelerator Comes To Byron

Sourdough Business Pathways is partnering with Flinders New Venture Institute to bring a startup pre-accelerator program to the Northern Rivers.

This program is perfect for all kinds of new founders – including those who have a day job or are studying. This year will have two intakes, with the inaugural Sourdough Accelerator program starting in February 2019.

Startups are one of the biggest contributors to new jobs and innovation in Australia. The success of new startups is often attributed to participation in pre-accelerator programs. Pre-accelerators support founders by providing mentoring and guidance, fostering a lean startup mindset and facilitating connections with other like-minded founders. Most importantly, they also provide access to potential investors.

The Flinders New Venture Institute is a leading startup supporter and has boosted the growth of over 300 businesses. In 2018 their pre-accelerator program was named Top Challenger in the Asia-Pacific by the UBI World Benchmark Study.

The Sourdough Pre-Accelerator program is based on Lean Start-Up methodologies and building out the elements of a Business Model Canvas. The program is designed to take Start-Up ideas from conception (ideation) through to a Minimum Viable Product. It’s important to note that it’s NOT a training program. It’s a hands-on, immersive boot camp, reliant on the founder taking the steps each week to build their business.

Teams will meet and be paired with some of the regions most experienced mentors and have the chance to become part of the dynamic startup network.