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We began in 2000 after discovering the science of water ionization for health. We became Australian distributor for a major Korean manufacturer and over the next 12 years sold over 12000 water ionizers and associated products. We moved from garage to house to small office to our now large owned premises in Byron Bay.

In 2012 we began to develop our own non-electric water filter that gave the same benefits as the electric systems we had been selling for approx. $1500-$2500. We sought and found a US manufacturer for our design and sell it now for less than half the price of the Korean units.

We sell online and directly to prospects who find us online and contact us. We have dealers in Singapore, Canada, UK, Czech  Republic, NZ, and we sell direct in USA.Our small team of seven work 4 days a week and take part in all management decisions.

We speak directly to mentee Ian Blair Hamilton of his mentoring experience

What inspired you to contact Sourdough and request a mentor?
We realised that to expand something had to change. We had hit one of our çeilings’ and needed outside help to get out of our own navel gazing.


Who was your mentor?
Jennifer Joiner was our mentor but we received help in the form of round table discussions with a large range of mentors.

Briefly describe your experience with your mentor.
Jennifer is fabulous. She commits and delivers with strong, frank and demonstrable skills. She has offered beyond what I had expected.

What were the tangible results you got from your mentoring experience?

  • % increase in profit 60% increase in profit
  • Increased number of employees?  Better operational efficiency.
  • Expansion and growth of your business? Yes, More sales more profitably and a much more stable system within the business.

Do you have any other insights to share about your mentoring experience with Sourdough?
Not sure if it’s an insight.. More like a revelation at the willingness, the generosity and the capability of all mentors I came in contact with but especially Jennifer. As a result of meeting and talking to Jennifer and her colleagues, including Tracey, we sought and received an AusIndustry grant to completely revamp our website. Through AusIndustry’s Maria Collyer we also received valuable training in Design Thinking and Behavioral Economics which we have already benefited from.

What are the next steps for your business?
Concentrate on USA market with new USA website, consolidate product range, train in NetSuite for our team, continue marketing but using data instead of finger in the wind.

Thanks to everyone involved!