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U.Lab: Transform the way you listen, lead and take action in our rapidly changing world…

After great feedback from the SBW cohorts who have participated in U.Lab from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, Boston)  over the last 2 years, this year the Sourdough Hub is open to all.

Are you are a business owner, organisational leader, community organiser?

Do you/your team/your organisation have an intention, a project or a vision that you would like to realise?

MIT’s U.Lab is an online course, which:

  • Allows individual participants, teams and/or drivers of large scale change initiatives to bring a live challenge that they want to address
  • Provides a structure for how to lead self, business and society through change initiatives in this disruptive time
  • Is designed to build internal capacities for listening, leading and acting in ways that are both depolarising AND solutions focused
  • Is project based, so participants bring a live challenge to the course they want to address

It is about the transformation of society, business and self amidst our rapidly changing world. Since it’s beginning in 2015 over 120,000 people have participated worldwide. The course teaches participants how to lead through change and has far reaching applications in business, community projects and everyday life.

This year this online MIT course starts again in September with the SBP Hub running over 6 fortnightly sessions.

To view a short but informative video clip about the U.lab Course – click here.

Intro evening:

SBP is holding an information and intro event about U.Lab on August 15th at the Byron Community College, Mullumbimby Campus, 5pm – 7pm.

Join us to learn more about and experience the global community that is transforming business, society and self.