Today the world has more thought-leaders than ever, individuals who devote their life to work on visionary solutions and calls to action that affect the very fabric of society. But in a world where the influx of information is constant, their valuable message is often lost in a vast ocean of anonymous knowledge. Moreover, in our fast-changing world, time has become a scarce commodity, and rare are the opportunities to share and debate important topics with our community. FutureSeeds LIVE@Byron is a platform dedicated to making thought-leaders and their message visible, and foster multi-disciplinary conversations to breed a better understanding of where our world is heading, and where it could be headed if we saw all the possibilities that are available to us today. Join us for our Event Premiere on May 26th 2021. The event will be featuring three presentations from experts in the fields of ecology, economy, resilience and governance, as well as a panel discussion and Q&A session.