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Developing a Digital Footprint – Social Media

Thursday 25th August

11.45am login  ꟾ 12pm start  ꟾ  1.30pm finish

“Where do I start?” Often, that is the first question many business professionals have when it comes to dipping their toes into the digital channels. They simply have no idea how to begin… and then what to do after that. In this session, we will explain some of the key steps that are useful in creating and managing your profile on social media and how you can leverage these in building your client base and overall audience. This session will be the first of a series of Digital Marketing workshops in the Entrepreneurship Program. These sessions are free for eligible clients who are starting a business or who run a micro business (with less than 4 staff).

11.45am login  ꟾ 12pm start  ꟾ  1.30pm finish

In collaboration with our Entrepreneurship Facilitator Program and Workforce Australia.